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European Women on Board lädt International Board Professionals ein

Im November lädt die European Women on Board - Initiative ausgewählte Damen zu einem Netzwerk- und Speeddating Event ein. Dr. Claudia Nagel war als Mitglied der International Board Professionals mit dabei.

European Women on Board ist eine länderübergreifende Initiative mit folgenden Zielen:


We will develop the European network of “first tier” non-profit organizations by promoting and increasing the number of women in boards. Now there are 20% women of NED listed companies. At the same time European Union intends to promote a target of 40% in 2020 in roughly 5000 companies.


We have built an international female talent pool to offer opportunities to board-ready women so they can reach top positions with international visibility and board mandates at European level. Thereby they are able to present the added value they can offer to boards.


We participate actively in the debate of diversity on boards in order to improve the practice of corporate
governance, innovation and more balanced business models. We share the interest of companies and non-profit organizations to innovate, develop and grow.

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