Our place

A temple for reflection

Since March 2016 we have been based at the Lili Temple in Offenbach am Main. This building dates from the end of the 18th century, and once stood on the waterfront before the Main River was straightened.

Lili Temple is so-called because here Goethe is said to have met Elisabeth Schönemann, or Lili, his first and perhaps only real love. However, the building was in fact constructed in 1796. This meeting took place in 1775, when both Goethe and Lili were frequent guests of the neighbors and enjoyed the beauty of the garden and small garden house.

We chose this space to be the seat of our company because we feel that the high ceilings, oval shape and beautiful walls are inviting and conducive to clearing the mind. Our clients appreciate the respite from their daily routine and the usual characterless meeting rooms.